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A Gratitude Recovery Based Program is what is really going to work? That is always the question, isn’t it? If you’re reading this you are looking for that answer. Sad to say that no one has that; not at least in any way that can be guaranteed, marketed or repeated. Still we have to make decisions. We have to try to make the best choice for ourselves and for the people we love. As an addiction professional I can say with true confidence that Sober Living is the best choice for a young person in early recovery.

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The Last House gets Sober Living right. Community, personal accountability, fellowship, honesty, integrity and above all fun in gratitude recovery. The last house cuts through the bells and whistles that generally present a fantasy that isn’t likely to work out for most of the young people I’ve worked with.

Learning how to enjoy life on life’s terms is central aspect of emotional sobriety and this is where the Last House excels. Young men there learn life skills. They cook and clean for themselves and for one another. They talk openly and directly about what they see happening good and bad with their peers. They call each other out for bad choices. They deal with real consequences. It’s a no bullshit kind of place. Staff doesn’t coddle to residents, they keep it real and they make sure clients are moving forward even if it means taking away their iPhones or their car keys.

Most importantly they don’t allow young adults to disappear. After countless sober livings and treatment centers young people in early recovery tend to learn how to fly under the radar and get through their sober living experience without really being challenged or encouraged to change. Unfortunately too many Sober Livings and treatment center allow this to go on.

On the flip side, there is also a lot of camaraderie and fun. Competitive basketball games at the park, group hikes, barbecues at the beach, sober parties that don’t suck. All that stuff makes the tough love go down easier.

As an addiction professional it is often hard to work with clients to initiate real changes only to watch their environment reinforce self destructive behaviors and contradict the principles that we work so hard to develop in early gratitude recovery. When my clients are residents at The Last House I know they are being held accountable.

written by David Pavia LCSW

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