I came into The Last House beaten, miserable, and defeated. I felt worthless, had zero self-confidence, and didn’t have much optimism or hope for my future. I was extremely deceitful and lied about anything and everything. I started my use the first time I was in college at Arizona State to get over my anxieties and to feel comfortable around people.  I hated being alone yet couldn’t feel comfortable around others. Ironically, nine years later I was completely isolated burned all of my relationships, and completely alone. I kept everything to myself and worked so hard to keep up the façade that I was doing well even going as far as professionally recreating a fake degree to convince my parents I graduated college.  I constantly did stupid things like this knowing full well that I was most likely going to get caught, but doing it anyways because I was unable to face my problems and didn’t want anyone to know what a mess I had made of my life. The worst part was hurting those closest to me and hearing my parents tell me they don’t even know their own son. Years of dishonest and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, I finally reached  point where I knew my carefully built house of cards and lies was going to come crashing down, that I asked for help. Thus bringing me to The Last House. The past year has totally changed my perspective and put me on the right track to a better, happier life. I have discovered myself work and believe in myself that I have a lot to offer this world. I have a purpose today and have a lot of optimism and hope for my future. I learned that honesty is essential in all facets of life no matter how bad the situation or consequences.  I learned to tackle a problem head on and to get ahead of it before it gets bigger. I am able to relax and be content whether I am bored, alone, or hanging out with others. I don’t care as much what people think of me and I am not afraid to just be myself.

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