Last House Success Story – Peace S.


When I entered The Last House I was nothing, but a broken, angry, stuck up little kid. I thought I knew better than everyone else, because everyone else was out to get me. I was anxious and insecure and wore a mask to cover all of that up. Luckily, the house saw right through all of that and helped me work on my character defects. They were there for all of my weak ass attempts to leave, they were there when I wanted to get high, and they continuously pushed me in the right direction. It was hard to buy in at first, but my life only got better after I did so. It was crazy, every day I woke up, I wanted to live a little more, I was a little less angry, and walked with my head a little bit higher. When I came in I did not want to be sober and had no drive to do all that AA shit, but because the house made me do the steps and attend meetings it started to work, then I bought into AA and my life changed even more. What’s great about this program is that you don’t have to want it, or maybe you want it more than anyone else because you want to be in your kids’ life, or you feel broken, but none of that matters. It’s just about doing it and the promises will come.

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