matt wicks last house success

Matt W. – A Last House Success

Before I came to The Last House I was a broken little boy who was angry and ran away from what life threw at him. I knew I could not drink like a normal person but I didn’t care. My reality was too much for me to go through sober. My alcoholism drove me to some very dark places and to hurt people I loved the most. There were so many signs in my life that showed me I needed to change. Getting kicked out of rehab and living in a crack house was not enough. My dad walking in on me with a needle in my arm was not enough. Leaving a hotel room while my family was sleeping, on my 21st birthday, to go smoke crack on Lower Wacher drive after just one drink was not enough. Ijust needed to go through all of these things for me to get the willingness to give treatment a real chance. I had heard of a wilderness treatment center in Utah but it cost a lot of money and I was on probation, so I couldn’t leave the state. My sick mind told me I could not get better and to just forget it. I went on another run, leaving the sober living I was at. After a horrible experience, I took the train to my mom’s place asking for help. That same day we got a call from the treatment center saying  they would scholarship me  to their treatment center. Later on, I got a call from probation saying I was being let off early, to go to treatment out of state.

To this day I believe God had given me a chance to save my life. Two days later I was on a plane to Utah. My experience in wilderness cleared my mind and gave me a conception of God. I had a choice of aftercare sober livings. It was between Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Louisiana. LA sounded cool so I went with that. I can recall entering the house and the brotherhood I felt from my housemates and the support from the staff. Slowly I started to change. Between all of the groupings, moving houses and working the steps with my sponsor Matt, my life changed for the better. I cannot thank this place enough or really convey the gratitude I have for The Last House. It helped me save my life and taught me to love. Today I can handle what is put in front of me, show up, have integrity, and values. I am so proud to be graduating this program. B

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