Are There Mental Health Support Groups?

Are There Mental Health Support Groups?

For those recovering from mental illness, having support is a game-changer. Mental health support groups provide confidence and motivation in helping people manage and even overcome their mental health issues. People in recovery groups for mental health can share their stories and listen to those who share similar struggles. Ultimately, support groups for mental health give people the confidence they need as they re-enter their daily lives and routines.

This article will highlight the mental health support groups available and the importance of these groups in helping people maintain good mental health. If you are recovering from mental illness, substance abuse, or both conditions, The Last House can help you! Our sober living network provides clients with tremendous peer support, clinical support, state-of-the-art amenities, and evidence-based programs that will transform your life.

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Why Are Mental Health Support Groups Important?

Mental health support groups bring together people from all walks of life who are going through or have gone through similar experiences with mental illness. Within these support groups, people can share their personal feelings about experiencing mental illness in a safe and non-judgmental environment. People can also share coping strategies for dealing with mental illness and the therapies and treatment methods that have helped them better manage their mental health.

In many ways, support groups for mental health act as a bridge between treatment and family support. A support group encourages others when they are vulnerable and celebrates others’ milestones. These support groups can also provide compassion and understanding for those whose families may not understand their mental illness.  Also, people in a support group hold people accountable if they are falling short in working on their recovery program. 

Finding a support group often starts with a talk with your primary health provider or local mental health professional. These individuals will point you toward support groups for mental health in your area as well as helpful resources within the community that will help you better manage your overall mental health.

What Mental Health Support Groups Are Available to Those Needing Help?

For those who are seeking additional help in managing their mental illness and overall mental health, there are many options for support groups. A great place to start your search is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). NAMI support groups include NAMI Connection which allows people with mental health conditions to come together to share their experiences, support each other, and heal from mental illness. NAMI also offers family support groups for family members, friends, and significant others to help them better understand a loved one’s mental illness. Depending on location, these groups are held weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

There are also mental health support groups that are 12-step based. For example, Emotions Anonymous is geared toward people experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, and low self-esteem. Another mental health-based support group is Neurotics Anonymous which provides support and information for those recovering from mental illness. For conditions that are related to some form of mental illness, 12-step-based groups such as Overeaters Anonymous, Love Addicts Anonymous, and Workaholics Anonymous are available.

Additionally, there are support groups for those experiencing substance abuse along with mental illness. Examples include Dual Recovery Anonymous, Double Trouble in Recovery, and Everyone’s Recovery Groups (ERG). There are also support groups that focus on a particular mental illness. Examples of these types of mental health support groups include the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and the Depressive-Manic Depressive Association of America. These groups offer in-person meetings, and some offer virtual meetings as well.

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