Staying Safe and Sober During the Corona Virus

Staying Safe and Sober During the Corona Virus

The Last House is Committed to Staying Safe and Sober During the Corona Virus.  Well, it’s a strange time we are currently living in. Mobs of people lined up in front of Costco at 5am, waiting for the doors to open in 5 hours so they can raid the toilet paper section. Grocery stores with empty shelves, all the frozen and non-perishable food completely bought up each day. Employees being sent home from work. Every sports league, gym, concert and event postponed or cancelled. Warnings on the TV that masks don’t work, they do work, wash your hands, don’t touch your face…… All of it worrisome, confusing, and scary to say the least.

But what is the truth here? Is this hysteria warranted? What are the real dangers?

I wish I had the answers.

At this point, I don’t think anyone truly does. All we can do is proceed as best we can and address the issues that we are able to address with any certainty.

At The Last House Recovery Community, we are doing just that. Let’s practice good hygiene like regularly washing our hands and regularly scheduled house cleanings. Avoid large gatherings (social distancing)? We have altered our meeting schedule to include many more in-house meetings and have changed our regular house outings to outdoor activities rather than indoor. The best defense against any sort of sickness? Healthy living. Our in-house gym, weekly running, and regular basketball regimen provide great exercise and fitness. And our commitment to providing whole foods for cooking instead of sugary/fatty junk foods helps to promote a more-healthy lifestyle and boost immune system.

All of those points aside, one thing is for certain. For an addict, the disease of addiction is much more deadly than any sort of corona virus. The mortality rate for those with Substance Use Disorder living in addiction is almost always fatal.
Which is why we must continue the road to recovery and remember to think in the big picture.

What’s the world and our economy going to look like when the dust settles? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d imagine that as with every other major event in history, life will go on. We are resilient!!

For me though, my life first and foremost depends on my ability to remain sober.

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