Success Story: Aaron O

When I entered the Last House, I was a very lost angry and selfish person. Everything was my way and everything was everyone else’s fault. I was not a good person to be around and my defects were at an all time high. It wasn’t until I started going through the house and actually learning to open up to the people around me, which in itself took much time and effort, but when I gave that effort I started to notice changes. I was so angry all the time! The house gave me a place to work on all of the anger and depression in a safe environment. I had many trust issues and the house taught me to learn to trust people again and realize that there were people that cared about me. Today because of the house I can say that my patience is at an all-time high my relationships are better than they have ever been and I am actually happy with my life all around. I wake up with a positive outlook every day and the house taught me how to overcome every day life’s problems. I am so fortunate to have learned all of the wonderful things I have learned, and to have the experience I have had going through the house. I am seriously blessed and thankful for all the people at Last House.
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