Success Story: Nathan A.

My behaviors have changed in ways I couldn’t imagine. I used to be a blameful person who couldn’t take any accountability. I lived a life with no trust in something bigger than myself and burned everything in my path. I didn’t believe in telling the truth; I only believed in saying things that would get me closer to my next drug or drink—lies of conduct, lies of making you think you can trust me.

The Last House has taught me a new way of living, based on helping others freely and being honest with myself. This has enabled me to be honest and impactful to those I meet on my journey. My outlook on life is no longer selfish and black and white. I now have a grasp of my purpose that I did not have when I was using drugs. Life was grim and dull; everything seemed so pointless. The only thing that made sense was how much dopamine I could overload myself with as fast as possible to numb the painful, empty hole in my stomach.

Now, I have tangible dreams that are no longer false and can become my reality. God and His children are beautiful. My life is filled with gratitude and moments of peace that I couldn’t find in my addiction. My attitude towards life and what God has to offer reflects all of that. Hate, gossip, self-pity, and destructive pride have been washed away thanks to the Last House and AA. I love myself now, which I couldn’t say before. The Last House gave me the ability to look in the mirror without being plagued with insecurity.

I used to hide my body with hoodies and hats. Now, I can walk outside with confidence, wear a T-shirt without hiding my hair under a hat, and just be me. I used to harbor hate towards my family and blame them for all my problems. Now, I love my mother and my grandparents and have extreme gratitude for having them in my life. Even my father is finally proud of me. All of these things would not be possible without AA and the Last House.

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