Success Story: Sam C.

When I put alcohol into my system, I act without any regard for other peoples feelings, and seem to lack empathy, but when I entered the last house I carried on with this habit of conduct from a sober state of mind. Clearly, my moral compass was nonexistent, and it was absolutely necessary for me to be placed under a structured system. Luckily, my parents found the Last house through an interventionist and gave me an ultimatum, either I go to this program or I can’t live with them anymore and have to figure it out on my own. By the grace of God, I admitted some sort of defeat and agreed to this program. I had no idea what I was getting into, I’m glad I didn’t because if I did, I would’ve politely said no. And so my chicanery and projection of my own misery began the second I crossed Last House threshold. I want to thank all the managers for their efforts to tame me in my first few months. without Will, miles, Dusty and Mike Wood’s severe yet loving disciplinary tactics, I don’t think I would be here to tell the tale. From a lying conniving child i slowly transformed into an open minded and willing man through the structure and brotherhood of Last House. Most importantly, I found myself as I am in gods image, through the alloy of the 12 step process and this program. Tonight I hope that those of you who are new and feeling lost at the Last House can recognize the miracle that stands before you and think maybe there is a chance for me. Please understand none of this was of my own doing and any good I’ve done while I’ve been at Last House is through God’s divine power, and through the utmost trust I have for this programs process. As Dusty says “the water is nice over here.” Last House taught me how to show up and stay consistent with my responsibilities and commitments. My cynical nature has been abated and my nihilism has morphed into a voracious desire to live and evolve. I’ve developed a cardinal liking to be there for others. No words can justly describe my gratitude for the brotherhood about me.  I thank all of you, for being a movin part of this beautiful mechanism that turns Boys into Men. 


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