Family Testimonial: Sam Cooper

“Since joining the Last House in December of 2021 the transformation of our son Sam has been remarkable. Little by little (step by step), the son we once knew has reappeared and he is now a responsible, mature, thoughtful and kind young man.
Sam has surpassed our hopes and dreams. We are so proud of the incredible work he has done for himself and the work he is now doing for others.
We are forever grateful to the Last House (and Thrive) for believing in Sam, never giving up on him and supporting his continued growth. We believe that the managers at the Last House are Sam’s guardian angels, and they hold a special place in our family’s hearts forever.
We are so grateful to have a new and better relationship with our son, and we have hope that relationship will continue to grow. We feel so lucky to have him back in our lives and will never forget the Last House and the great guys that helped to give our son a second chance.”
-Alexandra & Todd Cooper

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