The Problem of Drug Abuse in Sports With Young Adults

The Problem of Drug Abuse in Sports With Young Adults

The Problem of Drug Abuse in Sports With Young Adults

The Problem of Drug Abuse in Sports With Young Adults

Drug abuse in sports is an ongoing issue in the sporting community.  Not only is it bad for the health of the individual athlete but when celebrity athletes are found to be abusing drugs it also presents a bad role model for impressionable young adults.

The growth of drug abuse can be linked directly to the increasing emphasis on winning.  This has taken root within society as a whole and has spread to the world of sports.   Sadly, many athletes, including teens and young adults, start to find new ways of improving their performance and drugs are one of these.  Additionally, the pressure they feel to constantly achieve first place means they can start to look towards drugs as a way to cope with increasingly intense stress levels.

Most of the available performance-enhancing drugs are illegal but that has not dented the impact they are making in sports and many players continue to take them despite the attempts of the professional sports leagues to wipe it out by bringing in routine drug testing.  The fact remains that there are still players who find a way around the problem of detection.

The main drugs used at present include:

  • Anabolic steroids
  • Androstenedione
  • Creatine
  • Ephedra alkaloids

The Increase in Drug Abuse in sports with Young Adults

Young adults are now the biggest group of prescription drug abusers with those aged 18-25 abusing painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs and stimulants according to a recent study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  This may be because they want to fit in at school or because they are striving to achieve athletic perfection.  Some high schools and colleges do not test for drugs as frequently as they should because it may impact their position in the leagues.

Other studies are starting to show links between drug use in sports and the likelihood for impressionable teens to start abusing drugs.  Whatever the reason it seems the problem in this age group is growing all the time with sometimes devastating results.  In 2014, there were 1,700 deaths among young adults who overdosed on prescription drugs, more than those who overdosed on illegal recreational drugs.

Helping Young Adults Beat Drug Abuse

The Last house provides support to help you eliminate drugs from your life.  Whether you are at college, an athlete, or both we tailor our rehab program based on the unique needs of young adults.  We will give you the help and support you need in a compassionate and understanding way.

Alongside your treatment for addiction, you will have the opportunity to take part in several classes so you can make the best of your time with us.  You can start our courses at any time and it is really easy to enroll.

Some of the classes we offer include:

  • Sociology – especially relating to drugs and alcohol
  • Psychology
  • Public Speaking
  • Civic engagement

If you have any questions or just need advice for yourself or a loved one please contact us at The Last House and speak to one of our qualified admissions counselors today.



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