10 Benefits of Getting Sober Young

In his powerful song Starting Over, Macklemore croons some deep verses about recovery, relapse, and his journey to getting sober.

One particular verse stands out: “If I can be an example of getting sober, then I can be an example of starting over.”

As young men in recovery, getting sober is very much an opportunity for us to start over, as well. When we’re addicted, we can feel like our lives are falling apart. We lose friends, have little control over ourselves, and feel trapped in bodies that don’t feel like they belong to us. Getting sober is all about two things: teaching us how to get to the bottom of the issues that pushed us to using in the first place, and helping us welcome new life and new opportunities with open arms.

This is why here at The Last House sober living facility, we use every resource we can think of– including our prime location in Los Angeles– to help our men not just beat addiction, but truly embrace the idea of getting sober. Getting sober young means we still have our whole lives ahead of us, and that’s what makes the lessons we learn in sober living so important. We aren’t just learning to beat addiction, or how to reenter society. We’re learning how to live the lives of the men we always knew we could be.

What are the benefits of getting sober young?

Entering addiction treatment and sober living facilities as young men is a wise choice for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason might also be the most obvious: When young men enter addiction treatment, we’re saving ourselves a whole lot of future trouble. Even at our lowest point, our rock bottom is likely much higher than it would have been if we’d waited until later to start getting sober. In some cases, getting sober at a young age even gives us more time to repair some of the damage that might have been caused by our addiction. We could salvage our professional career, mend relationships, and get back on the right track, possibly without having to deal with the extra troubles that come with longer life.

The second benefit of getting sober young is that we have more opportunity to use our own experiences to help others. The young men in addiction treatment aren’t the only ones that have battled with addiction, but we might be the only ones that can connect with the other young men going through the same things we’ve been through. As young men, we can help others our age understand why they may need treatment, what addiction treatment is all about, and how empowering getting sober can be.

The third benefit of getting sober young, especially in Los Angeles, is that there’s so much more that we can enjoy. Los Angeles is the land of hopes, dreams, and everything in-between, and we have a front row seat to some of the most talented people, engaging events, and incredible ways of life in the world. When we get sober young, we can fill ourselves with the sights and sounds of a city teeming with things to do. Los Angeles offers endless opportunities to explore, create, and indulge ourselves, and being able to get sober as young men means we won’t have to miss a thing.

While we’re on the topic of Los Angeles, getting sober as young men here also means we have an ultimate platform to spread the power of the sober living community to as many as we can. With the stressors of fame, “making it big,” and competing for roles, gigs, and deals, many in Los Angeles turn to substances as a way to cope. As young men here, we’ve got the opportunity to meet people firsthand that are dealing with substance abuse, and connect with them to get them the help they need.

Another benefit of getting sober as young men is that we still have the time to truly explore ourselves and find our passions. When we’re addicted, most, if not all, of our time is devoted to using a substance. When we’re getting sober though, we have the time and motivation to find new activities to keep us busy, stimulated and engaged. As young men, the new activities that we begin to enjoy now in recovery can become passions that stay with us for a lifetime.

Other benefits of getting sober as young men include being able to forge lasting, meaningful relationships with others, being able to be present for life’s biggest moments, saving our bodies from future physical harm, being able to set an example for others that were in our shoes, and meeting some of the most genuine and supportive people we’ll ever know.

While ten are mentioned here, there are really countless benefits to getting sober as young men here in Los Angeles. At The Last House sober living facility, we help our young men realize these benefits and take full advantage of them. Life doesn’t end when we decide to get sober. It begins.

The Last House sober living facility in Los Angeles provides an environment that helps young men both get sober and become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Through addiction treatment modalities that foster brotherhood, courage, independence, and confidence, we teach our men how to grab life by the horns and own their recovery. When they graduate from the Last House, our young men don’t just live sober. They live powerfully. Call 1-866-677-0090 to get started with The Last House today.

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