finding sober living in West LA

Finding a Sober Living in West LA

You’ve gotten sober and now you might be wondering what might be next. As you’re assembling your sobriety tools, you might start to wonder about the best place to live.  This is especially true if your living space prior to getting sober is a place you associate with drinking or using drugs. Perhaps you’ve relapsed in the past and you want to take extra steps to set yourself up for success in sobriety.  The Last House is here to help you build on the work you’ve done to get sober so that you can stay sober. 

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living houses offer a living environment that supports maintaining a recovery lifestyle. Research has demonstrated that those who reside in a sober living house can make and sustain changes that support their recovery. Sober living provides safe and stable housing which plays a huge part in successful recovery.  It also can provide a path for you to find a new way of life in sobriety. 

If your life while using drugs and alcohol focused only on using, you may need to learn how to socialize, work, and engage in relationships without using. Many facilities will incorporate social outings, structure, and some level of responsibility.  At The Last House, we’ve even incorporated rescue dogs into our program so that you can enjoy the love of a dog and the responsibility of helping to care for a pet.  

The services from one sober living house to another might vary, but you can expect to find that many sober living houses require a particular length of sobriety, such as 30 days, before they will accept you into the house.  Still others might require attendance at recovery meetings and maintaining employment.  Sober living houses might also require residents to contribute to the running of the house, either financially or by completing chores. You’ll want to ask questions about what to expect as a resident of a particular house to make sure it’s a good fit for you. 

Why You Should Go to Sober Living in West LA

Choosing a sober living facility can be difficult and there are lots of options. You’ll want a house that’s located where your life is or where you want it to be, depending on your circumstances.  More importantly, you want a house that will best support you by providing a safe and support place to live while you’re developing your new sober life.  

Choosing a sober living house in West Los Angeles can improve your chances of staying clean and sober.  Additionally, choosing a sober living house that is gender-specific rather than co-ed can also contribute to greater success at remaining abstinent. So, as you explore your options, be sure to look at the location, the requirements for continuous sobriety, and the offerings of the house.  Sober living houses located in West Los Angeles are located centrally to allow for outings to the beach, to the golf course, to the mountains, and to explore Los Angeles. 

Sober Living at The Last House

The Last House Sober Living is a network of structured sober living homes in the heart of West Los Angeles. We believe in providing our clients with the tools to have a meaningful life and participate in their own sobriety.  Activities such as service commitments, sober parties, conventions, dances, and house outings are all a part of helping you learn how to have fun in sobriety.  Our staff consists of active members of the Los Angeles Sober Living community and have years of experience. If you’re wondering where to start to create your sober life, The Last House is here to help. 

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