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My Son’s Journey With Addiction

My son’s journey with addiction has been a long heartbreaking one. He went from a thoughtful young man to one that didn’t care about his grades or going to class. He started pulling away from his true friends and started hanging around people we didn’t know. He became rebellious and lost interest in family gatherings. As he got older his lack of sleep affected his ability to stay focused and keep a job.
He tried a few programs locally but they focused on medication and not on recovery. We wanted him to enter a long term program but we knew it had to be his decision.
My son had a friend in California that invited him out for a chance at convincing him to try a recovery program out there.
Sarah helped him to find Matt Fidlow, admissions advisor of The Last House, and with the help of Andy Allen my son entered their program January 2019.
The Last House program was very strict and regimented but we knew he needed that in his life.  The young men worked the 12 Step Program at their pace with their sponsor and attended AA and NA meetings daily.  He learned many lessons working this program and the bonds the young men shared became just as important to their wellbeing as the life lessons.
While at the house he met life coaches and recovering addicts living in a sober community.  Having honest conversations with those he met, my son began to think he could live a different life than the one that brought him there.
We were and still are so proud of him for the hard work he put in to graduate the 12-month program at The Last House.  He is now working in the recovery field as he rebuilds his life.

We are so grateful for The Last House and it’s supported as our son changed his life.  We all know being an addict is an everyday choice but with the tools he learned from Last House and the people he surrounds himself with, our son will have the opportunity to live a full and productive life.

Thank You So Much Last House!
Joan and Tony Nelson

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