What is Couples Rehab?

What is Couples Rehab?

In recent times, the number of couples struggling with drug or alcohol addiction has been on the increase. Married partners and cohabiting couples who share drug addiction often quarrel. They generally experience emotional distance and are emotionally disturbed in most instances.

Usually, members of such intimate relationships spend a lot of time influencing one another by taking drugs and alcohol. This results in a cycle of continuous substance use for stress relief and getting away from problems. Unfortunately, in worse instances, a couple’s drug addiction problems may go on to impact other members of the family.

The implication of being addicted to a substance and being around a partner who does the same is that dropping off the addiction can be more difficult. In addition, when couples influence their drug addictions in this manner, it becomes challenging for any of the partners to seek therapy as an individual.

Couples rehab has the means of breaking drug misuse cycles and helping struggling couples 

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Can Couples Go to Rehab Together?

Therapists in couples drug rehab centers understand that couples with addictions sometimes fear not seeing their partners when treatment begins. As a result, most rehabs for couples are planned in a way that caters to the treatment of both partners simultaneously.

When rehab centers cater to the uniqueness of a couple and accommodate the needs of a relationship, partners have a feeling of not being alone. This improves the results of the recovery process as couples share more enthusiasm. Additionally, couples get to support one another and are dedicated to the recovery of their partners.

A couple’s rehab becomes the best option when both partners are committed to recovery. In addition, rehab for couples can extend into family therapy when couples have children who are impacted by drug misuse.


Is Couples Rehab Beneficial in Treatment?

Rehab for couples is beneficial because couples follow an addiction recovery program while strengthening their relationship. Drug recovery treatment for couples includes therapy like behavioral couple’s therapy and family therapy. These programs are geared towards abstinence as well as rebuilding relationships.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of rehab for couples:

  • Couples get to understand themselves better through the course of rehab programs
  • Couples navigate their recovery plans together while clearing assumptions and misconceptions
  • Rehab programs help couples to a sense of responsibility in maintaining their partner’s sobriety
  • When drug recovery is made with a loved one, the process becomes very stress-free
  • Recovery programs allow couples to discuss their addiction problems with other couples
  • Rehab centers usually have couples doing well in their recovery plans. This encourages newer couples
  • Couples get to improve their decision-making concerning finances, parenting, and other necessities.

When couples share recovery programs, they celebrate their successes with each sober milestone reached. Seeing progress in a partner strengthens the resolve to see through the recovery program. What better way to recover from drug addiction than to do so in the arms of a loved one who understands one best?

Couples attending rehab together must put in a great deal of work, commitment, and accountability to their partners. Yet, regardless of the couples rehab center, the goal is to ensure that couples become drug-free and return to safe and healthy lifestyles.


How to Find Couples Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Having more awareness of having couples attend couples’ drug rehab centers, accessing rehab for couples is easy. Take the first step by informing your partner and planning to attend a competent rehab center for couples.

At Last House, we have an ideal setting for couples seeking therapy for drug misuse disorders. Since relationships differ, our structured sober living for men caters to the uniqueness of relationships by focusing on the underlying causes of addiction and structuring peculiar recovery plans.

Here in Los Angeles, we have two sober living homes open to help you and your partner recover. Our friendly staff teams are happy to welcome you into our couple-specific program. If you are struggling with addiction alone or with a loved one, call us. Recovery is only a step ahead. So reach out to us today for help with your addiction.

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