What to Expect in Sober Living


Entering a sober living home can be a little bit like the first day of school. Much like school, we know that the sober living facility will provide us with the tools we need to make a positive impact in our lives, and that through sober living, we can transition into the men we’ve always wanted to be-- but it’s no secret that new experiences can be daunting if we’re not sure what to expect. As a sober living home in the heart of Los Angeles, our sober living facility focuses on two concepts: providing a fun, program-oriented setting where residents [...]

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Acceptance, Change, Knowledge: Dissecting the Serenity Prayer Part II


While the surface-level meaning of the Serenity Prayer offers powerful concepts like serenity, courage, and wisdom, it’s the deeper meaning of the Serenity Prayer’s core concepts that can help us apply its words to our recovery journeys more effectively. As with everything in recovery, the more steps we take to give meaning to what we learn and practice, the more likely we’ll be inclined to continue learning and practicing even after we leave the sober living facility. The first part of the Serenity Prayer asks for peace to accept what we can’t change. Acceptance is a huge first step in our [...]

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Going to Sober Living for Addiction as a Young Man


We’re humans, and as humans, we’re conditioned to want more out of life. We want more fun, more adventure, more enjoyment. One of the incredible concepts about addiction recovery  is that it teaches us that we can have “more” and lead fulfilling lives while being sober and without using substances. As a Los Angeles-based sober living facility, we understand that the world often defines being “sober” as a boring way to live life. Practically everything that’s considered “fun” seems to be tainted by drugs, alcohol, or both. It’s the way big industry makes money-- and it’s also the reason why there [...]

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Defining Sobriety: Getting Sober in Los Angeles


By dictionary definition, sobriety is simply the act of not drinking or using substances. In actuality, however, sobriety can mean a number of different things, and the way we choose to define sobriety for ourselves can define our recovery. As a sober living facility for men in Los Angeles, we choose to define sobriety as not just refraining from substance use, but as making necessary lifestyle changes which allow us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. Through sober living methods that teach the importance of brotherhood, unity, accountability, and responsibility, we learn to rebuild ourselves into powerful, [...]

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Starting 2019 Sober: Best Year Ever


We’ve made it. 2019 is finally upon us, and with every new year comes new opportunities to better ourselves, achieve our goals, and become the men we always knew we could be. Year one of the recovery journey can duly be one of the most challenging and rewarding years of our lives-- and there’s no better time to get started than right now. As a sober living facility in Los Angeles, many of our men come to us not just for help getting sober, but in order to work on strategies that will help them maintain their sobriety while living in [...]

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Learning to Make Lemonade out of Lemons


Helplessness is a learned behavior-- but it’s one that many of us, thanks to the power of addiction, learn all too well. The Big Book describes helplessness as the last step before we turn ourselves and addiction over to a higher power: “Having reduced us to a state of absolute helplessness, you now declare that none but a Higher Power can remove our obsession.” In treatment, we learn a number of strategies to help us defeat helplessness. These strategies include things like making amends, forgiving ourselves, and learning to dig deep inside of ourselves to uncover latent issues that may have [...]

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Sober Living After Graduation


Who said the sober living community’s way of doing things had to stop after we graduated? It doesn’t! The purpose of sober living is to prepare us for those “what’s next?” moments of our lives. We all have them. Maybe we return home to find that things have changed, and we need to pivot to get it all together. Maybe we find that living on our own, even after sober living, presents some challenges we didn’t expect to face. One of the best ways to cope with unforeseen circumstances in our home life is to go with what we know: the [...]

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Attitude Makes all the Difference


Attitude is probably the single most important concept of recovery. Sound like a bold statement? Not so much! The Big Book mentions the word “attitude” almost forty times, with one key thread: that once we’ve truly recovered, “our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.” Recovery isn’t just about getting over our addictions, or learning the skills we need to live life afterwards without going back to substances. It’s also about adopting an attitude and mindset that allows us to truly make the most out of life post-treatment. After all, what good is treatment if we only return to life [...]

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Goodbye Doubt, Hello Hope


The very beginning of The Big Book’s third edition makes a bold assertion that describes the path from addiction to recovery: “Each day, somewhere in the world, recovery begins when one alcoholic talks with another alcoholic, sharing experience, strength, and hope.” For many of us, hope was never something we considered while addicted. To be hopeful was to expect better days, and to look for more to come even in a situation that seemed grim. No-- we merely survived during our addiction. We went through the motions of living, but the only thing that was functioning properly was our physical body, [...]

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Let Your Feelings Fuel You


Ever notice how fierce competitors like to get slapped before the start of an intense fight? It’s not because they like the pain. It’s because the pain fuels them. Sober living is a lot like that slap in the face. It’s gonna hurt like heck, but if we let it, it can make us even more amped up to go out and take control of our lives when we graduate. If we end up liking it, we’ll see gains in our lives like never before. The Big Book is very direct about the importance of pain in recovery. “Pain is the [...]

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