What to Expect in Sober Living


Entering a sober living home can be a little bit like the first day of school. Much like school, we know that the sober living facility will provide us with the tools we need to make a positive impact in our lives, and that through sober living, we can transition into the men we’ve always wanted to be-- but it’s no secret that new experiences can be daunting if we’re not sure what to expect. As a sober living home in the heart of Los Angeles, our sober living facility focuses on two concepts: providing a fun, program-oriented setting where residents [...]

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10 Signs the Party’s Over


Most of us like a good party. There’s just something in our DNA that seems to make us enjoy hanging out with good people, having good fun, and not doing any work. Here in Los Angeles in particular, partying can sometimes feel like it comes with the territory of being a young man in one of the nation’s busiest cities-- and there’s no denying that a good party can often seem like a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and unwind. For many of us, though, partying could also spell danger-- especially when it involves drugs and alcohol. [...]

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Going to Sober Living for Addiction as a Young Man


We’re humans, and as humans, we’re conditioned to want more out of life. We want more fun, more adventure, more enjoyment. One of the incredible concepts about addiction recovery  is that it teaches us that we can have “more” and lead fulfilling lives while being sober and without using substances. As a Los Angeles-based sober living facility, we understand that the world often defines being “sober” as a boring way to live life. Practically everything that’s considered “fun” seems to be tainted by drugs, alcohol, or both. It’s the way big industry makes money-- and it’s also the reason why there [...]

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Sober Living After Graduation


Who said the sober living community’s way of doing things had to stop after we graduated? It doesn’t! The purpose of sober living is to prepare us for those “what’s next?” moments of our lives. We all have them. Maybe we return home to find that things have changed, and we need to pivot to get it all together. Maybe we find that living on our own, even after sober living, presents some challenges we didn’t expect to face. One of the best ways to cope with unforeseen circumstances in our home life is to go with what we know: the [...]

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The Importance of Honesty In Sober Living


Our parents always told us not to lie, and if we have kids, we’ve probably told them the same thing. Funny, then, that with all this telling each other not to lie, we still have all managed to do so somehow. Lying is innate, unfortunately. It’s human nature to want to avoid pain and discomfort, and we lie as a way of doing that. In sober living, however, lying just can’t fly if we’re truly looking to maximize the impact of our lives after we graduate. The Big Book notes three things as the essentials of recovery. “Willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness [...]

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Sober Living, in Theory


Everyone knows what addiction is. It’s a vile disease that takes over the brain, renders our will useless, and ultimately wreaks havoc on our entire body while driving us away from family members, friends, loved ones, and those who care about us. Thanks to the movement to generate more information about addiction, we also now know what addiction treatment is. We understand just how powerful looking deep inside of ourselves to fix our problems can be, and we realize that therapy can be a wonderful way of getting to the root of the issues that cause us to rely on substances [...]

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