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Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Southern California

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Common Causes of Cocaine Addiction

Addiction is a complex disease.  There are a series of potential genetic, environmental, psychological, and physiological factors that can put you at risk for developing a cocaine addiction. Here’s a breakdown of how common causes of cocaine addiction can occur.

If you have a family history of addiction, this increases your risk of developing an addiction yourself. Additionally, some individuals have certain brain chemistry that may increase their likelihood of developing an addiction.

If you are currently struggling with a mental health condition, especially a condition that is untreated, this can also increase your likelihood of abusing drugs like cocaine to cope with your mental illness. Unfortunately, many believe using cocaine or using other drugs will help their mental illness; however, it only makes it worse and increases your risk of developing an addiction.

Peer influence is another cause of cocaine addiction that is oftentimes overlooked. Because cocaine is such a highly addictive substance, just one use can cause you to crave more and more and eventually lead to dependency. Therefore, if you had a friend or family member pressure you into trying cocaine, this can quickly lead to dependency and then addiction over time.

If you were exposed to cocaine or other drug use early on in life or started using cocaine during your teen or young adult years, this can also put you at a heightened risk for developing a cocaine addiction.

Why Cocaine Addiction Treatment Is Important?

Cocaine addiction can negatively impact virtually every area of your life. From harming your physical and mental health and well-being to hurting relationships with friends and family, harming your work or school performance, and more, cocaine addiction severely reduces your overall health and quality of life for the worse. And yet, many addicts don’t seek professional addiction treatment for their cocaine addiction.


Cocaine addiction treatment not only helps ensure you are overcoming withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively, but it also teaches you necessary coping strategies to maintain your sobriety long-term. Just because you receive treatment for your cocaine addiction doesn’t mean you’ll automatically maintain sobriety for the rest of your life. In fact, many recovering addicts, unfortunately, fall back into old habits and relapse. 


Therefore, cocaine addiction treatment helps you not only break your addiction but teaches you healthy ways to cope and heal mental and emotional issues that may be underlying reasons behind why you may have started abusing cocaine and other drugs in the first place. For example, if you started to abuse cocaine as a means to self-medicate from a mental illness such as depression, it’s important you receive depression and cocaine treatment simultaneously to address these root causes that may have caused your drug abuse in the first place. 


Last but not least, cocaine addiction and overcoming addiction can be very isolating. Therefore, seeking cocaine addiction treatment provides you with a supportive community of staff and other recovering addicts who understand what you are going through and share similar struggles as you. Here, you’ll be able to not only receive help from staff to guide you along your recovery journey, but you can connect and grow alongside other recovering addicts changing for the better.


Help Wherever You Are On Your Recovery Journey

Whether you are just beginning your recovery journey, or are looking to transition smoothly from treatment back to your daily life, we offer a range of treatment programs and support so you can receive the best possible care wherever you are on your recovery journey.


If you are transitioning from receiving cocaine addiction treatment back into your daily life, consider seeking help from a sober living home. The Last House offers sober living homes for recovering addicts to maintain their sobriety as they transition back into their everyday life. We offer a range of programs, activities, and support to help you reduce your risk of relapse as you go back to your daily life.


Relapsing is a serious issue that can jeopardize your sobriety. At The Last House, we help reduce your risk of relapse and help you build a strong community of other individuals who understand what you are going through and can hold you accountable and inspire you to maintain life-long sobriety. 


You should never feel ashamed or afraid to ask for help wherever you may be in your recovery journey. Addiction is a life-long disease so whether you are in need of a cocaine addiction treatment, or a sober living home to help you transition back into your daily life, we’re here to help. 

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