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Does Insurance Pay For Sober Living

Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


Why Insurance Companies Don't Cover Sober Living

The reality is that the cost of sober living is not covered by insurance in the state of California. Since there is no licensed certification offered by the State of California for a halfway house or aftercare or any sort of sober living, these services are incapable of obtaining insurance contracts.

Having said that, a lot of outpatients and treatment centers offer persons subsidized or free rent in sober living in the event that their program is attended by their clients. Be careful as this is an unclear situation. A lot of such programs just give sober living due to the fact that it makes their clients convenient, but there is usually little care and supervision in such care programs.

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Sober Living is Aftercare, Not Treatment

Residential treatment and aftercare are not only incorporated in real treatment plans but are also looked at separately. Educating the individual on the problems they face with addiction and substance abuse and bringing them into a lifestyle of recovery and sobriety is the aim of a treatment program.

After completing a residential program, you should seek aftercare facilities like sober living. When individuals attend a sober living with accountability, structure as well as being put together with their peers in the same environment, they tend to succeed.


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Helping to teach an individual the life skills which are essential to succeeding in their newly discovered lifestyle of sobriety is the main aim of a sober living. Even though it is frustrating that the cost of these programs is not covered by insurance, it is, however, an essential part of being sober in the long-term.


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