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Looking for a California Sober Living

Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.

What’s Pink Clouding in Addiction Recovery?

According to research, unhealthy living environments may be very detrimental to people in early recovery. Serious consequences may arise from unstable living environments even for those with good intentions. The necessary encouragement, stability, and support needed in early recovery are offered by sober living homes. It is advisable for young adults and adolescents to stay in a sober living for a minimum of one year and extending to a year and a half. When in search of a good sober living home for a loved one or a child, family members and parents usually feel overwhelmed. Let this page be your guide if you are in search of a California sober living.

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Does My Child Have a Drug Problem?

More than 90% of persons who have substance abuse issues began using before they turned 18. Though it is a usual phenomenon that teens experiment with alcohol and drugs, experimentation may quickly result in addiction and dependence. It is essential for parents to intervene when they first notice a teen struggling with substance abuse problems. Substance abuse is usually a sign of severe underlying issues. With regards to this, knowing why the drug and alcohol abuse started ought to be the main focus rather than the substance which they are using. Parents ought to take note of any psychological, emotional or physical changes so as to determine if a child is abusing drugs or alcohol or not. This will be key in determining whether or not a person is abusing alcohol or drugs.


What is Addiction?

Addiction is known as a medical condition which leads to uncontrolled seeking and using of drugs irrespective of the harmful effects it has on the addict and people nearby. Even though addiction is a disease which is complex and diverse, there is a chance for an individual to recover if they take treatment. Just abstaining from drugs and alcohol is not enough to recover from addiction. A safe environment is provided by a sober living home or halfway house where addicts can recover physically and emotionally from substance abuse.


What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home, which is also known as a halfway house, is a residential home which provides an environment which is free of drugs and alcohol to persons in early recovery. A sober living home usually acts as a transitional program for persons who are done with an inpatient treatment program or when they are registered in an outpatient treatment program. The needed safety, encouragement and support conducive to recovery is provided by sober living homes.


Why is Los Angeles a Good Location For Sober Living?

One of the world’s most renowned recovery community is the Los Angeles recovery community. Besides the most famous treatment centers in the world, the adult and adolescent recovery community is among the largest in the United States. In Los Angeles, there are more than 3,000 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous every week. The other 12 step program meetings are not included. A great area of Los Angeles has a lot of sober events all over and the world’s largest young people’s sober community is in L.A. Due to Los Angeles’ strong cultural presence and beautiful weather, it offers several means by which individuals in recovery can have fun. Los Angeles is a place where people from all parts of the world travel to, so as to receive treatment and start their recovery journey.


Why is a Recovery Community Important?

Addicts are usually ashamed of their drug and alcohol use which may give rise to isolation and intense secrecy. It is common for addicts to go on struggling with addiction with their family members and closest friends never truly understanding the problem they are facing. It is common to be isolated in active addiction, but isolation in sobriety could lead to relapse and is very detrimental. A person struggling with addiction is offered the opportunity to be encouraged and supported during the addiction recovery process by sober living homes. A recovery community is important in acquiring long-term sobriety. There is an emotional and physical challenge as concerns early recovery. Deciding to get sober and remain sober is very difficult. Bad days will come. An individual is provided with the necessary encouragement by a recovery community to surmount the challenges which may surface during early recovery.

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

There is a significant variation in the cost of sober living facilities. This will depend on the duration of treatment, the level of structure, the location of the sober living home and the amount of care offered to individuals. It is essential that families look for a suitable sober living home for their loved one which is within their financial reach. It is unfortunate that individuals staying in sober livings are not offered insurance coverage by insurance companies. However, individuals faced with financial difficulties may be offered scholarships and/or financial aid by sober living homes. This hinges on need and on what can be offered by the sober living at that point in time.

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