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Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


Drug use leads to the death of over 570,000 persons each year. Addiction is a severe illness. Persons who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction ought to receive much-needed help. According to research, only 11% of 23.5 million Americans suffering from alcohol or drug addiction receive treatment. Supposing you or a loved one is facing difficulties with substance abuse problems, it is essential to look for help. There is nothing as intervening too early or being too safe. When you are in search of a Los Angeles Rehab Center, there will be lots of options to choose from. Finding a treatment program which doesn’t seek to resolve only the substance abuse problems, but also the basic issues which led to the start of the addiction.

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What Does Addiction Mean?

Addiction is a medical condition which compels persons to look for drugs and use, regardless of the harmful effects it has on the addict and persons next to them. It is a chronic psychological and physical condition. It is complicated and has many aspects. It is possible for someone to recover if he/she takes treatment. It takes more than just abstaining from alcohol and drugs to recover from addiction. A person must identify and resolve the basic issues which initially caused them to start using in order to physically and emotionally recover from their addiction.


Will Insurance Cover a Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles?

Luckily, they have identified addiction to be a medical condition. A lot of insurance companies give a form of coverage to persons who have registered in an outpatient or inpatient treatment facility. It is rather unfortunate that insurance companies don’t assist persons who live in sober living homes in California.


What Happens After Rehab?

Recovery never ends. An aftercare plan ought to be instituted once someone completes a rehab program. It is advisable for them to register for an outpatient program and/or transition into a sober living home. As earlier said, a person will have a greater chance of obtaining long-term abstinence if that person takes treatment for long. As compared to the initial inpatient program, aftercare is just as crucial, if not more crucial. A sober living home offers an environment which is safe and free of drugs. Family, group and individual therapy for adults and adolescents in recovery are offered by outpatient treatment programs. Both outpatient programs and sober living homes are believed to be efficient aftercare programs.


Recovery is Within Your Reach at Our Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Program

Once you complete a drug & alcohol rehab program in Los Angeles, it is highly recommended to continue aftercare like The Last House, a structured sober living home in Los Angeles. Sober living homes give the necessary encouragement, safety, and support which is favorable for recovery. The individual’s progress is monitored by sober living homes and they also ensure that the individual is attending therapy sessions, works with a sponsor, is held accountable for daily responsibilities, and attends 12-step meetings.

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