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Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


The five schedules of drugs, substances, and some other chemicals that are used to make drugs are classified into five very distinct categories or schedules. The schedules rely upon the drug’s perfect medical uses and its abuse or dependency capability. The drug’s abuse rate is the figuring out factor within the scheduling of the drug. For instance: schedule I drugs are considered the most risky classification of drugs, with an excessive capacity for abuse and potentially extreme psychological and/or physical dependency – making them a top priority for New York drug addiction treatment programs. Because the drug schedule progresses, so does the capacity for abuse. The better on the schedule, then the lesser the capacity there is for drug abuse. New York’s top drug and alcohol treatment facilities explain the differences among the five drug schedules: schedule I: schedule I drugs, chemical compounds, and substances are labelled as drugs with no currently accepted medical use with a high capacity for abuse.

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The Schedules

Schedule I: drugs are the most risky drugs of all the drug schedules. Those drugs and substances have severe dangers for psychological or physical dependence, so they are drugs that New York treatment facilities work the hardest to combat against.

Schedule II: schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals that can be described as having a very high ability for abuse however less abuse capability than schedule I drugs. Those drugs probably lead to severe mental and/or physical dependence. These drugs are taken into consideration dangerous, but provide medical uses.

Schedule III: schedule III drugs, substances, and chemical compounds are drugs with mild to low capability for physical and psychological dependence. The hazard of dependence of schedule III drugs is much less than that of Schedules I and II, but greater than schedule IV.

Schedule IV: schedule IV drug and substances are defined as low potential for abuse and low threat of psychological dependence.

Schedule V: schedule V tablets have the lowest potential for abuse and are commonly used for antidiarrheal, antitussive, and analgesic functions. A list of the more usually used and prescription drugs and their schedules can be located at controlled Substance Act (CSA) Scheduling, in alphabetical order. The list consists of the simple or “parent” chemical and does not always include the salts, isomers, and salt of isomers or other derivatives that may be categorised as controlled substances. treatment centres in New York urge that if you consult the CSA, which you keep in mind that the listing is intended for popular reference and isn’t a comprehensive listing of all controlled substances. If you or someone you realize is affected by an addiction to heroin or prescription substances, go to your Los Angeles alternative to a New York drug abuse program today, to get help and take back your life. The last house has over 7 years of experience in supporting individuals broken the bonds of addiction and regains their health and lives.


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