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Sober Living for Men Struggling with Addiction

Find out more about residential inpatient drug treatment options and how inpatient rehabs can help you find healing.


A certain level of support is required by persons who are suffering from addiction so as to build the foundation which will help them to achieve long-term recovery. This necessary support is provided by sober living for men struggling with addiction. It is advisable for an addict to go to a sober living home for more treatment after having completed an intensive inpatient or medical detox program. The best opportunity to succeed and prevent relapse is provided by a sober living home. Sober living homes are known to act as a slow transition into a normal lifestyle. Individuals should use this as a guide to show a greater understanding of sober living benefits and addiction.


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What is Addiction?

Drug or alcohol addiction has both a physical and psychological component to it. Drug or alcohol addicts show both an emotional and a physical dependence on the substance. Irrespective of their best intentions to stop the usage of drugs or alcohol, they seem unable to do so and this could be because of negative consequences related to substance abuse. Most often, for individuals to enter a state of recovery, they need some sort of addiction treatment.


What Exactly is Sober Living?

Sober living facilities are recovery communities free of drugs and alcohol where a person who is struggling with addiction can stay after completing a drug or alcohol detox and before going back into normal daily life. A comfortable and safe environment is associated with sober livings and addicts are given the necessary support to have a long-term recovery. The use or possession of drugs or alcohol is not allowed in sober livings. They often administer random drug tests to make sure that there is abstinence from alcohol or drugs. Sober living environments are free of distractions which do not favor recovery, like social media access, laptops and cell phones. The communication between a resident and family or old friends is monitored by sober livings so as to ensure the resident’s well-being. The triggers and underlying issues which were associated with the cause of the addiction of residents of sober livings are identified and addressed. Residents tend to work the steps of their choice among those listed in the 12-step program, repair damaged relationships, build healthy relationships and strive to become a responsible person in society. The sense of community received from individuals who think alike is one of the a sober living’s most beneficial aspects.

A safe environment is provided by sober living homes where addicts with the help of trained professionals, can address their alcohol or drug addiction. Triggers which could occur during this period of transition in addicts’ recovery can be identified and addressed in this environment.


The Benefits of Sober Living for Young Men

– Residents tend to have a sense of support and community from others.

– Healthy relationships are developed by the residents and damaged familial and interpersonal relationships are repaired.

– The residents live in an environment which is safe and free of alcohol or drugs.

– Instead of focusing on regular day to day responsibilities, the residents are able to concentrate on recovering.

– Sober living is seen as a change from inpatient or detox to a normal life at home.

– The residents are responsible for their behaviors and actions.

– Other persons in the recovery community provide support to residents.

– The residents respect a schedule which has been structured to suit sobriety.

– The risk of relapse in the early stages of recovery is reduced when you reside at a sober living home.

– The residents do not face daily temptations.

– There are learning and development of helpful tools by residents to achieve long-term sobriety.

– Random drug tests are carried out on residents which helps in ensuring abstinence from alcohol or drugs.


Concerned About a Loved One or Yourself?

It is advisable to act if you notice that a loved one is suffering from addiction. There is no such thing as intervening too early or being too safe. Alcohol or drug abuse may quickly develop into an addiction, physical dependence, and emotional dependence. Alcohol or drug addiction have health risks which are life-threatening and serious. Most addicts find it difficult to stop the use of alcohol or drugs without the help of professionals in the field of addiction recovery.

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