Quinn DeLoreto – A Grateful Survivor

quinn deloreto– Quinn DeLoreto 1/12/16
I am nowhere near the broken man I use to be.
When I look in the mirror, I see a future, I see dreams and aspirations, I see somebody I like.
No longer am I haunted by the torments of my addiction, or the pain of not knowing who I truly
am or supposed to be.
I have found a purpose. My steps are meaningful, my voice is passionate.
The Last House Sober Living for men taught me the true definition of what being a man is.
A man has integrity, a man treats people with respect, a man handles responsibility, a man
shows up for life with a smile.
All of those concepts seemed foreign to me for such a long time.
Prior to accepting help, I had one agenda, and one agenda only.
To not feel the way I was feeling inside, and I would do anything to numb the pain of that.
It had been a long, rocky road for me. I couldn’t stop using, my addiction took my mind away
from me.
I kept letting my friends and family down, stealing from them, lying to them, manipulating
them…with no remorse.
Stuck in this vicious cycle, which seemed normal to me, but with no hope of finding a way out
of it.
No matter how much I used, when I came down, I felt waves of shame, of regret, of remorse.
The thing that made me numb for so long, no longer did the trick.
Something had to change.
The best 3 words I ever said were I need help
After 74 days in a wilderness rehabilitation facility, my counselor asked, well, what do you
want to do
I said, what will give me the best chance of changing my life?
And he said, The Last House.
Deciding to come to The Last House was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made.
Thus, beginning a process which changed the entire course of my life.
Fortunately, I came willing to do anything it took.
Slowly but surely, through their guidance and their direction I started to feel a change.
I had a feeling that my life might actually turn out to be something.
I was taught accountability, something I had lacked my whole life.
I was shown step by step how to conquer the things that held me back.
I learned to truly love myself, deep, deep down.
I was shown brotherly love
Men willing to continuously help their brothers up after falling.
Men who will tell their brothers when they need to correct behaviors they could improve on
Men who will give both ears to listen to how your feeling.
Men who know, failing is not an option.
Men who are willing to do whatever it takes to stay sober, one day at a time.
Through many ups and downs I ended up earning the privilege to graduate the last house.
It is an honor to have gone through such a program.
The beauty of it is the connection you have with other men who have graduated the program.

We stay in communication with each other, we hang out with each other, we go to meetings
with each other
We understand that WE is stronger then I.
If there is one thing I can could change about my life, it would be…nothing.
Everything happened for a reason and it took me exactly to where I’m supposed to be.
I talk with my family regularly. My family is so grateful for The Last House.
My parents got their son back, my brother got his brother back. My nephew got his uncle back.
And the connection and communication we have now has never been healthier.
All because I decided to be quiet and listen to What the Last House had to say to me.
My life has been evolving ever since, life has been falling into place, piece by piece.
I full heartedly belief I would be dead if I had not attended The Last House
A Grateful Survivor – Quinn DeLoreto (1-12- 16)

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