How to Create a Safe and Supportive Environment in Recovery

How to Create a Safe and Supportive Environment in Recovery

If you are newly sober, it feels like you are stepping into a new, brave world. While you are excited to begin this new chapter in your life, temptations and triggers seem to lurk around every corner. As someone new in recovery, you need to have things in place that minimize the risk of relapse while helping you feel comfortable and helping grow your recovery. Perhaps the most important thing you can do to achieve those goals is to create a safe and supportive environment in recovery.

If you have just started your recovery journey, this article will highlight what you need to do to create a safe and supportive environment in recovery. If you are looking to bolster your confidence and coping skills in a safe environment, call The Last House. Our sober living programs feature exciting group activities, clinical support, and close family involvement. Call The Last House today to learn more about our dynamic sober living programs.

Tips to Create a Safe and Supportive Environment In Recovery

Having a recovery environment that is safe and supportive fosters healing and growth. Also, having a safe and supportive environment in recovery nurtures your emotional and psychological needs. The following tips will help you create a space where you can grow confident in building your recovery life:

Nurture Your Emotional Well-Being

A safe and supportive environment starts with creating a space where you can nurture your emotional well-being. This environment needs to be a judgment-free space where you feel comfortable discussing your vulnerabilities, feelings, struggles, and achievements. People within this environment should not only praise your achievements, but they should also be allowed to hold you accountable if you fall short in working your program of recovery.

Physical Safety

Another critical aspect of creating a safe and supportive environment in recovery is having a strong sense of physical safety. This includes setting clear boundaries so you know what to expect of yourself and what you expect others to respect about you. You must also have structure in your environment, which includes regular cleaning, eliminating triggers that can lead to relapse, and creating a space where you can find new and healthier hobbies and habits to develop.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Speaking of healthy habits, having an environment that emphasizes building a stable and balanced daily routine will help you regain a sense of stability and control. Establishing a consistent daily schedule helps reinforce positive habits and reduces the risk of relapse. Additionally, a well-rounded routine addressing physical, emotional, and mental health needs creates a solid foundation for you to grow in your recovery.

Building a Support Network

While you put in the hard work needed to overcome addiction and find recovery, having a support network helps strengthen your recovery and keeps you motivated to stay on track. Your support network can include recovering peers, family, friends, therapists, addiction professionals, and others who are fully supportive of your decision to stay clean and sober. As already stated, your support network should celebrate your successes while holding you accountable when you aren’t fully working on your program of recovery.

Practice Proper Self-Care

Practicing self-care not only helps you stay healthy but also promotes your overall well-being. Self-care activities can include:

  • Journaling
  • Practicing mindful meditation techniques
  • Finding or rediscovering hobbies
  • Simply taking time out of every day to unplug and reflect

Proper self-care builds strong self-worth and resilience, and you can focus on your progress and not try to become a perfect person.

The Last House Sober Living Programs Provide the Foundation for Lasting Recovery

Sober living programs provide a safe and supportive environment for you to build your newfound recovery. The Last House is a sober living network located in the heart of West Los Angeles, CA. We provide dynamic sober living programs that not only help you flourish in sobriety but it will also help you flourish in life. We offer evidence-based programs and clinical support that will help solidify the life and coping skills needed to stay on the path to recovery. We also provide a myriad of fun activities that allow us to have fun and become social with others.

Call The Last House today and find purpose in your recovery journey. 

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