Four Fun Sober Activities for Men

When we’re active in our addictions, we don’t often think of recovery as fun.  We believe that there can’t possibly be any fun, sober activities.  Instead, we picture our future sober lives as an endless marathon of recovery meetings, work, and fulfilling the responsibilities we’ve avoided.  We imagine sobriety as a life without color, without laughter, and without fun.  But it doesn’t have to be that way and, at The Last House, we can show you what sober people do for fun. 

Four Fun Sober Activities For Men

One of the saddest parts of addiction is the loss of self.  While you’re active in your addiction, you likely have only one interest. Your primary purpose becomes getting and using your substance of choice.  Even if you participate in other activities, you probably schedule them around your addiction.  Once you get sober, you may not even know what you like to do. You may not have spent a lot of time exploring fun, sober activities, and you might wonder what sober people do for fun. The good news is that there isn’t just one answer, but getting sober puts you in a position to start exploring. 

Your next question might be where to start, and here are some suggestions:

  • Basketball
  • Snowboarding and Skiing Trips
  • Surfing
  • Group Outings

What you might notice about this shortlist is that these activities are all much more possible sober!  It’s much more comfortable and less dangerous to engage in sports such as basketball, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing when you’re not high or drunk. Not only is your chance of injury reduced, but you also might enjoy yourself. You may have thought that you’re not a sports person or that you’re not really into exercise, but you might give yourself a chance to try.  You might surprise yourself. 

In addition to sports, group outings to areas such as the beach, museums, or other places can be quite enjoyable. When was the last time you explored the space around you and saw what was available to do? Imagine walking through a museum with no purpose other than to look at the art and enjoy it.  Consider the possibility of walking along the coast and looking out to the ocean, just taking it all in. Picture yourself at a restaurant or a picnic with friends, enjoying their company and the food.  You may or may not enjoy every activity that you try, but sometimes the fun is in the trying. 

What sober people do for fun is to live.  By changing the focus from drugs to living, life is so much more fun.  You might find that you love to golf, or you might find that you hate it.  Either way, you’ll have tried something new.  With each new activity that you try, you’ll start to learn the things you enjoy doing, and you’ll likely begin to form friendships with those who want to engage in similar activities.  And one day, you’ll find yourself out having fun and wonder what it was about using that you thought was so great. 

Sober Living at the Last House

The Last House Sober Living is a network of structured sober living homes in the heart of West Los Angeles. We believe in providing our clients with the tools to have a meaningful life and participate in their sobriety.  Activities such as service commitments, sober parties, conventions, dances, and house outings are all a part of helping you learn how to have fun in sobriety.  Our staff,  composed of active members of the Los Angeles Sober Living community, have years of experience. If you’re wondering where to start creating your sober life, The Last House is here to help. 

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