Chris Graduate April 13, 2016

I was in and out of treatments, sober livings and rehabs for years before I came to The Last House. I constantly wanted to dictate what my recovery would look like, and do it my way. I was so tired of being told "You have so much potential, if only you would apply yourself" At the Last House not only did I find recovery as a way of life, but I was able to unlock my potential by building healthy habits over the course of a year. The friends I made there are still some of my closest buddies and we have all built respectable lives here in LA. It was difficult sometimes as a resident; Balancing Chores, Meetings, a Job, a social life, showing the newer residents the ropes. The staff and other residents constantly pushed me to do better. I never new how much potential I really had until my friends and Andy A pushed me past my self imposed limits. Learning how to stand on my own two feet and not complain to my family, or ask them to rescue me one more time is a lesson I'm sure makes my mom is grateful. I was taught constancy in my program. I found motivation to continue to achieve. I learned how to set and hold healthy boundaries. Through the structure and Accountability at The Last House, i was given the most conducive environment for the 12 steps to have maximum benefit. I graduated the house fully self sufficient, with the ability to help others. I stay engaged with the house and attend groups, take new guys to meetings and out to enjoy LA. The Gratitude I have for Clayton K, Andy A and all the staff cannot be summed in words.